Kids for Utica & City Youth are Non-denominational faith based outreach ministries to the children and youth who live throughout the city of Utica and the surrounding area. It is designed to instill a positive attitude into each child’s daily life, to bring hope for their future and to encourage them to take an active productive place in their community. Values such as “How to Develop Positive Relationships, Good Sportsmanship, Respect, Self Confidence, Good Hygiene, Goal Setting, Leadership Skills and Community Service” are some of the things that are taught.

We also offer ministry to the whole family on Saturday night. Victorious Life Church ministers the Word of God to the family as a complete unit helping families grow stronger and closer together.

Kids for Utica
959 Bleecker St,
Utica, New York 13501
Phone: (315) 797-0418

Kids for UTICA